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Bankwest Business - In Good Company: Grant Creagh

Just like his father before him, good crops and healthy stock are Grant’s measure of success. A lesson he’s now passing on to his sons.

Video transcript

[Grant:] At the end of the day, it’s seeing healthy stock and good crops and just making sure that everything is healthy around the farm for me, that’s the best part of it.

My name is Grant Creagh, I’m a third generation farmer. We’ve been farming this land since the late 1950’s. I’ve been managing the property since my father left about 25 years ago, now as a Director we’ve just formed a company and my sons have come in as Directors as well.

Our average day, it depends on what the season is but say we’re harvesting I’d start off at about 6 o’clock and deliver grain to the local bin at Moora. Mustering sheep, tailing and sheering, we’re sheering in Winter so keeping an eye on the weather, keeping the sheep dry.

Joe understands fairly well, he can relate to the season were having. So having the Relationship Manager come out is important because they can see where your coming from when you do make a decision. And it’s really helped our business because we know if we want to expand with machinery or land, it’s quite easy to communicate with them, and their there all the time so it’s good.

We have expanded our farm in the last three years, Bankwest were our first port of call for finance for that. The deal they put on the table was fantastic.

Passing the farm on to Tim and Mitch makes me really happy to see the progression, it’s gone on to the next generation. And the hard work that’s been done over the years, it just means the farm can thrive into the future. I’d love to see it stay in the family forever.

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