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Bankwest Business - In Good Company: Benjamin Trinh

Ben’s corporate support model enables Physios and Pilates professionals to focus on what matters, caring for their patients.

Video transcript

[Benjamin:] Our goal is really about self-actualisation for them, really helping them find out who they want to be, giving them the autonomy and flexibility to craft a role that can flex around their unique strengths and skill sets.

My name is Benjamin Trinh and I am the founder and CEO of Life Ready Physio and Pilates.

Life Ready Physio and Pilates partners with local physio and pilates business owners providing a corporate backend for them to focus on what they love, and we take care of the business stuff at the backend. Which takes care of everything from accounting, HR, cash flow management, marketing, legal. All the stuff that happens behind the scenes that goes into running a business, so that they can focus on what their really passionate about, which is patient care and their local team.

We could have chosen any bank but we chose Bankwest, they aligned with our values, demonstrated through their commitment to listening, to doing research on the intangible stuff, which is really a privilege and really humbling for us to see their level of commitment, the biggest thing to me is Glyn’s integrity everything he said in the pitch he made happen. So it feels like the really care about us succeeding and achieving our goals.

Voiceover: Bankwest, we get to know you and your business.

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