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Bankwest Business - In Good Company: Adam Kapinkoff

Adam Kapinkoff opened Market Grounds in Perth's City Link. Hear what Adam has planned for the future of his business.

Video transcript

[Adam:] Mum and Dad started with R&I in 1977 at the Narembeen Hotel. We’ve been banking with Bankwest ever since. The relationship is 40 years old.

There’s probably a few key bits of advice I’ve got through my life. From a Business and pub perspective, nothing is more important than our staff and our customers. So, if that’s the focus business wise for us, we’re always going to succeed.

As time has gone on there has been a bit of a succession plan in place, where the three boys have come in.

For us, the next 5 years are really crucial and we’ve got a couple of venues opening up. The new venue is in Perth City Link which is going to connect the city to Northbridge. It’s about a 750 capacity venue, and Bankwest are helping with that and going to be a big part of that.

Having a relationship manager is really important to us, because I guess we’ve got a direct point of contact all the time, so whether it be for business or personal, it just takes a phone call for us and we’re getting an outcome pretty quickly.

[Voiceover:] Bankwest for business. Knowing your business, not just your banking.

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