WA's agricultural bank

Since starting out as an agricultural bank to where we are today, we’ve spent over 120 years helping farmers build the agricultural industry in WA. See how we make it our business to know your business, too – no matter where you are.

West Aussie through and through

We’re proud to support regional West Aussies in agribusiness.

Local people, local knowledge

Our relationship managers are local and understand your opportunities and challenges.

Multi-generational advice

Our local knowledge spans generations, so you can be sure you are getting advice that's based on not just your current, but future aspirations.

Part of your community

From Broome to Esperance our agribusiness bankers live and work in more regional locations than any other bank in WA.

From Broome to Esperance – we know local

Take your agribusiness to the next level

We've put all our business tools and ‘how to’ guides in one handy location to help you plan and manage your business.

Helping WA farmers get down to business

We know farming can be busy, it can be hectic, always long hours. We're ready on the ground to make a difference and help you get ready for those next steps.

Helping WA get down to business

Our on the ground decision makers and experienced relationship managers understand your business, your market, and your state.

Description: Image of farm and green pastures.

Voice Over: Tim's family has been farming this land for over 90 years.

Description: Image of father and son farmers.

Voice Over: It can be busy, it can be hectic, always long hours.

Description: Male and female farmer in office discussing business.

Voice Over: Farming is time critical.

Description: Ute driving along road of farm.

Voice Over: Rainfall, purchasing land.

Description: Green fields of crop.

Voice Over: We need to be prepared to act quickly.

Description: Orange tractor moving hay.

Voice Over: We’re growing crops, but we’re also growing our business for the next generation.

Description: Male and female farmer shake hands and greet Bankwest Relationship Manager.

Voice Over: Having someone who cares and who’s on the ground makes a difference.

Description: Male, female farmer and Bankwest Relationship Manager discuss business in office.

Voice Over: Bankwest is helping us get ready for our next steps.

Description: Male, female farmer and Bankwest Relationship Manager walk through farm field of crops.

Voice Over: Bankwest. Helping WA get down to business.

Description: Farmers look over their farm.

Description: Bankwest. Search Bankwest Business.

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Farm banking solutions

We've got something for you – whether you're experienced in agribusiness or a beginning farmer looking for your first farm loan.

Farm Management Term Deposit

Improve your cash flow in leaner times.

  • Lock in a fixed rate for a range of terms from one month to 12 months
  • Manage your exposure to adverse economic events and seasonal fluctuations
  • Deposit before tax income into our interest paying deposit account. 1

AgriOne Package

Our agribusiness finance solution.

  • Make the most of our AgriOne transaction account with overdraft facilities 2
  • Have funds available to pay suppliers, bills and wages when cash flow fluctuates
  • Make repayments as and when you need. 3 Repayments are not required until credit limit is fully drawn. The minimum payment amount is the interest only.

Equipment and vehicle loan

Finance for a range of business equipment and vehicles to help grow your business.

  • Lease or finance a range of new and used assets for business use including farming equipment, machinery and vehicles. 
  • Options to suit your needs, like equipment loan, hire purchase, finance lease and novated lease.

Want to know more?

You're local and we are too. Let a local relationship manager help you along your agribusiness journey.

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  1. Specific requirements applying to this account are set out in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth). A breach of the requirements may result in the deposit not being treated as a farm management deposit and the loss of tax benefits. Prior to making a deposit, we recommend you obtain advice from an independent tax adviser. See also Farm management deposits scheme on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website.

  2. Package must be comprised of an AgriOne account with a minimum $100,000 overdraft facility, and can include a mixture of Bankwest business loans and Bankwest business asset finance facilities (subject to approval).

  3. Repayments are not required until credit limit is fully drawn. The minimum payment amount is the interest only.

Lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees and charges apply and are available on request.

Farm management term deposit
The account requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. The aggregate balance of all accounts during any year of income must not exceed $800,000

Equipment and vehicle finance
The Commonwealth Bank is the Issuer of the finance products referred to and it reserves the right to require finance arrangements to be made with a subsidiary company of the Commonwealth Bank Group. Employers and employees are encouraged to seek professional advice on all aspects of novated leasing before proceeding. Lending criteria, fees and charges apply.