Money Market Investments

If you're a wholesale investor with over $500,000 to invest, our deposit accounts may be right for you.


Earn interest

Competitive market linked rates

Access Investment Specialists

Direct access to specialists across Australia for high value deposits.

Range of options

Choose from at call or fixed term deposits.


Competitive deposit rates that are backed by the security of the CBA Group.

How it works

The funds held in your deposit account will be rolled into a nominated linked account at maturity, should you choose not to reinvest them. The linked account may be held with Bankwest or any Australian Financial Institution and must be in exactly the same name, capacity and currency as the Money Market Deposit Account. 1 Other fees and charges may also apply to linked account. Close

Changes aimed at strengthening the banking system mean we now require 31 days’ notice if you want to withdraw your funds from Fixed Term Money Market Deposit Accounts opened or renewed on or after 18 December 2014 before the maturity date, unless our hardship clause is applicable. You can still access your money at maturity.

Types of accounts

We have three deposit accounts for you to choose from.

Money Market Investments offers competitive market related interest rates that are available on application.

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  • You're a wholesale investor who is a resident of Australia
  • You have a minimum deposit amount of $500,000

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Speak to a Money Market Dealer in your state.

Things you should know

1. Other fees and charges may apply to the linked account.

2. You can only make one deposit to any fixed term Money Market Deposit Account.