Bankwest and Telethon Kids Institute

We’re proud to partner with Telethon Kids Institute to help parents keep their children safe online.

Keeping children cyber safe

Through our partnership with Telethon Kids Institute, we’re…

Addressing a top concern for Aussie parents

Our partnership was prompted by research into cyber safety concerns.

Creating an Australian first cyber safety app

We’re lending our digital expertise to the development of a smart resource app to help parents.

Giving parents on-hand info and support

The app will deliver trusted info and personalised support day-to-day and on the go.

What we’re doing – and what’s coming

Our support for Telethon Kids Institute’s research into cyber safety will be complemented by a WA-developed smart resource app available to all Australians. An Australian first, this cyber safety app is scheduled for release in mid-2020.

The app will give Australians easy access to trusted info that’s backed by research and behavioural science, as well as ideas, strategies and personalised support.

“The partnership is a natural fit and allows Bankwest’s expertise in tech and cyber safety to complement and amplify Telethon Kids Institute’s trusted, evidence-based support for parents.”

- Sinead Taylor, Bankwest Executive General Manager

Why it’s important

The partnership brings together over a decade’s worth of research by the Telethon Kids Institute into cyber safety, and research by Bankwest that revealed high levels of concern among Australians for children’s online safety. It also revealed that many parents where confused about where to seek help and advice.

A survey showed that more than three quarters of respondents (78%) were worried about online grooming and stalking. Cyber bullying was also among the top concerns (77%), followed by the negative effects of screen time on children’s health (73%) and social skills (70%).

“We need to know how to teach our children skills to enjoy and use digital environments safely.”

- Prof. Donna Cross, Telethon Kids Institute’s digital technology researcher

Why we can help

With our digital know-how and cyber security expertise, we have the capabilities and resources to help develop the app and make a positive difference to children’s online safety.

“We’re privileged to have access to the very best expertise and knowledge from a cyber security perspective. And we’re passionate and determined to be able to share that with parents and children across our communities.”

- Andy Weir, Executive General Manager, Technology & Transformation at Bankwest

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Bankwest and Telethon Kids Institute

The partnership brings together two iconic WA organisations to help parents keep their children safe online.
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