The Beacon app – from Bankwest and Telethon Kids Institute

We're proud to partner with Telethon Kids Institute to deliver Beacon, an Australian first cyber safety app to help parents keep their children safe online.

It's free to download now – Australia-wide

Keeping children cyber safe

We lent our digital expertise to the development of the Beacon app - designed to be a guiding light for parents and carers to...

Access reliable info and support

Get up-to-date info about digital risks and threats facing kids – like online grooming, cyber bullying and stalking.

Get alerts

Get alerts to the latest cutting-edge content, tailored to match family profiles based on children’s ages, interests and devices.

Create customised family agreements

These interactive agreements encourage and enable healthy online behaviours around screen time, expectations and boundaries.

The Beacon app – the switched-on app for families online

Read the video transcript (PDF)

Why it’s important

The partnership brings together over a decade’s worth of research by the Telethon Kids Institute into cyber safety, and research by Bankwest that revealed high levels of concern among Australians for children’s online safety. It also revealed that many parents were confused about where to seek help and advice.

A Bankwest survey showed that more than three quarters of respondents (78%) were worried about online grooming and stalking. Cyber bullying was also among the top concerns (77%), followed by the negative effects of screen time on children’s health (73%) and social skills (70%).

"Our research shows that parents play a critical role in helping to develop the digital skills of their children and to use these skills in a positive and safe way."

- Prof. Donna Cross, Telethon Kids Institute’s digital technology researcher

Why we can help

The app was made possible by a three-year partnership that combines 14 years of cyber behaviour research at Telethon Kids Institute with Bankwest’s digital and cyber safety expertise. With our digital know-how and cyber security expertise, we had the capabilities and resources to help make the app a reality and a positive difference to children’s online safety.

“It’s been great to use the expertise of Bankwest colleagues in developing this exciting project, from providing input into the app prototype to user testing the initial version of the app."

- Sinead Taylor, Bankwest Executive General Manager

Coming together to make a positive difference to kids' online safety

Coming together to make a positive difference to kids' online safety

Hear more about the Beacon App from Bankwest's Executive General Manager Sinead Taylor and Telethon Kids Institute’s digital technology researcher Prof. Donna Cross.

Read the video transcript (PDF)

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