Online banking security

We take your online safety and security very seriously. Our online security system uses the highest level of browser encryption, plus your accounts are monitored by our dedicated fraud team. We 100% guarantee the safety of your money on Bankwest Online Banking (BOB) and Online Business Banking (OBB), provided you have complied with our Bankwest Online Banking terms and conditions. What else can you do to maintain your safety and security? Check out the following tips and learn other ways to protect yourself when banking online.


Look after your computer

  • Keep your operating system up to date. (TIP: enable automatic updates)
  • Upgrade your browser to the latest version.
  • Run a free Qualys browser check and fix any security issues.
  • Keep your antivirus and firewall software up to date. Bankwest customers can download a free six month trial from McAfee.
  • Has the computer you use for online banking been exposed to a virus recently? Let us know as soon as you can on 1300 368 748.


Keep your online bank account secure

  • Create a strong secure code using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Change your secure codes regularly.
  • Keep your secure code secret. Don’t record it in an easy to find location or on your mobile device.
  • Log out of online banking when you’ve finished your banking session.
  • Register your mobile number for SMS code. Take advantage of our SMS code or security token (for OBB) when making certain transactions to keep your accounts safer.

Use the Bankwest website
Only log on to your online banking (BOB or OBB) directly on the Bankwest website. Don’t use links from third party sites, unfamiliar websites or emails.

Using public wireless networks


Public Wi-Fi 'hotspots' in places like cafés, airports, hotels and libraries are convenient but, unlike your home computer, use of public hotspots involves security compromises.

It's easy for other users to intercept your data, so be careful about what information you send or receive while connected. Try and limit activity when connected to a public Wi-Fi network to web browsing and avoid banking or any other activities that involve user password access.


Things to look out for


Malicious viruses

Issue: Is your computer running unusually slow? It may be infected with a virus.

Action: Try running antivirus software like McAfee® Internet Security.

HTTPS and padlock icon on URL

Issue: You’re not sure the website you are using is the legitimate company website.

Action: The URL (web address) should begin with 'https' and feature a closed padlock icon in the address window.

Closed Padlock

Unusual messages on the login screen

Issue: While you’re trying to log on to your Bankwest account, you see a 'Please Wait' message or check box once you've entered your login details. After a delay, you are asked to re-enter your PIN and token code again.

Action: This is a computer virus. Don’t enter your details. Instead go direct to the Bankwest Online Banking website.

See examples of unusual OBB login pages

How can we help?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Bankwest security or privacy please contact us immediately.

Reporting Scams
  • Personal customers call 1300 368 748
  • Business customers call 13 7000

McAfee® Internet Security

McAfee internet security

Bankwest customers get free McAfee® Internet Security for 6 months.

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