Email security

These simple practices will help you stay safe online while accessing email.


Detect phishing emails


Phishing is when criminals attempt to deceive you into providing your personal details or money, through the use of fake emails, identities or websites. Signs of a phishing email include:

  • Using a generic introduction instead of your actual name.
  • Bad grammar or spelling.
  • Inconsistent graphics or images.
  • Asking directly for sensitive or personal information like your home address, contact number, banking details or password.
  • Creating a sense of urgency or using scare tactics to pressure you into making a quick and potentially risky decision.
  • A source email address that looks unfamiliar, suspicious or unprofessional.
  • Unfamiliar or unexpected attachments. Don’t open them as they may contain malicious software!
Learn more about examples of hoaxes and scams

BPAY hoax emails
Watch out for emails in your inbox pretending to be from BPAY, advising you that a payment you have made has been unsuccessful.


Managing your email accounts


Using the same email address for everything from banking to celebrity gossip poses a security risk. Apart from the potential to miss important emails, it may also increase the risk of personal information being compromised if your email is hacked.

Consider having different email addresses for different purposes. One email address for your banking correspondence, another for family and friends, and perhaps a different address for online newsletters (and celebrity gossip).


What to do after a phishing attack

  • Change your passwords for online and phone banking.
  • Change your passwords for email account(s).
  • If you use the same password for any other online activity, update those passwords too as many accounts use an email address in case of forgotten passwords. (Ideally, just don’t use the same password for multiple accounts or services.)
  • Call us immediately on 1300 368 748.
  • Update and run a full system scan on your infected device.

How can we help?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Bankwest security or privacy please contact us immediately.

Reporting Scams
  • Personal customers call 1300 368 748
  • Business customers call 13 7000

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