refinancing your home loan

Is refinancing worth the pain?

A quarter of a percent may not seem like much, but apply a 0.25% saving over the life of a home loan and you could be talking about the equivalent of a new car (with mags, leather and turbo engine). Small differences in loans like the ability to make extra repayments, marginally lower interest rates, or offset accounts, can add up to huge differences over the life of a loan.

Would you be better off with a different loan? We’ll help you crunch the numbers, including any termination fees you have to pay on your existing loan, to give you a definitive answer in dollars and cents.

An hour of your life spent exploring options? Now that’s tiny compared to what you could save.

Not with Bankwest? Not a problem.

ABBA got it wrong, breaking up is easy. Especially when you have one of our Lending Specialists to hold your hand and guide you through the process. They’re here to help you save money, time and paperwork.

They’ll do the sums to help you decide the best loans for your needs, and give you an idea of any stamp duty or application fees. Don’t forget to ask your current bank what fees will be payable on the refinance so you can factor that in too. Numbers in hand, you can then make up your mind if it’s worth embarking on a new relationship with us. Chances are it will be.

Want to save even more?

Whatever type of home loan you have, there are ways to shrink it faster. Get tips from the experts.

Our most popular refinance loans are:

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