Children's Savings Account

no fees to eat away savings

  • available to children under 15
  • fee free banking for children
  • link it to a Bankwest Kids' Bonus Saver
Children's Savings Account

It’s worth far more than money

It’s called a Children’s Saving Account, but it is so much more than that. It is also the first step in developing your child’s financial literacy. When you teach your kids about managing money, and how to save, you’re helping them develop good financial habits that can last a lifetime.

Education experts say that kids learn best about money between the ages of 8 to 12, so we’ve designed this account especially for the under 15s. There are no fees and charges to eat into their hard earned pocket money or birthday cheques from Nanna, plus we’ll pay interest on it to help it grow faster. However, if they want to earn some serious interest on their savings, you can link this account to a Bankwest Kids' Bonus Saver.

Kids who grow up knowing how to manage money? Now that’s happy banking.

Why our Children’s Savings Account earns an A+:

  • no fees and charges
  • fast parent/guardian access via phone and online banking
  • earns credit interest which is calculated daily and paid monthly
  • link it to a Bankwest Kids' Bonus Saver
  • available to children under the age of 15

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