lost your credit card or had it stolen?

If your card or PIN has been lost or stolen within Australia, call us any time on 13 17 19
If you’re overseas call +61 8 9449 2840 instead. The same applies if you suspect that unauthorised transactions have been made using your card.

We'll talk you through what to do next, which will likely include putting a hold on your card so that other people cannot access your money, and ordering a new card and PIN for you.

If you need to get money out of your account before your new card and PIN arrive, you can visit your local Bankwest store or access your account via phone and online banking.

If you lose your card whilst travelling overseas, you can call the below numbers to arrange an emergency card replacement and, if required, access an emergency cash advance.


Emergency assistance numbers
Where you are To call MasterCard To call Visa
USA 1-800-627-8372 1-866-765-9644
Canada 1-800-307-7309 1-866-639-1911
France 0-800-90-1387 0-800-90-4349
Germany 0800-819-1040 0800-182-2891
Hong Kong 800-966-677 800-900-782
Indonesia 001-803-1-887-0623 001-803-44-1600
Japan 00531-11-3886 00531-44-0022
Malaysia 1-800-804594 1-800-802997
New Zealand 0800-44-9140 0508-600300
Singapore 800-1100-113 800-4481-250
Taiwan 00801-10-3400 00801-444-123
Thailand 001-800-11-887-0663 001-800-441-3485
UK 0800-96-4767 0800-16-95189


For countries not listed, call 1-636-722-7111 (MasterCard) and 1-410-581-9994 (Visa) toll free to the United States.

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